Monday, 4 May 2009

Speakers' Corner Trust

Ok, now for something completely different. Let's just forget the misery that is our current Parliament and think about our great democratic tradition. A few months ago I met a wonderful chap called Peter Bradley who told us all about a new organisation he has set up called the Speakers' Corner Trust. Its whole purpose is to reinvigorate our civil society by establishing new Speakers' Corners in the UK and beyond. Already there is a new Speakers' Corner in Nottingham and one being launched this very weekend in Lichfield. Peter - a former MP who cares passionately about using our freedoms and engaging in proper debate and discussion to underpin our society - has a real vision for his charity with lots more launches in the pipeline.

Magnificent as blogging and texting are, there is no substitute for face-to-face discussion and argument. I don't think we ever really advance our thinking and create new ideas without robust challenge. Those uncomfortable conversations we sometimes have which lead to the private thought "Hmm, I think I may be wrong on this one" are often followed by fresh ideas. It's what makes human beings special, so for all kinds of reasons, do take a look at the Speakers' Corner website here and support them if you can. Small acorns and all that.

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