Thursday, 4 June 2009

Le Déluge

In the Commons last night where MPs look totally shell-shocked from a week of astonishing drama. The situation is so grim it's moved beyond party politics. Conservatives are openly as alarmed as Labour by rumours that Labour might drop to fourth or fifth in the polls tonight. Just at this moment they all feel the tumbrils are rolling.

The tide of public hostility is so strong and deep Parliament has something of the atmosphere of Custer's last stand. The demonstrations in Parliament Square - where last night the voice of a protestor shouting through a megaphone seemed to bounce off all those Victorian Gothic walls with particular resonance - add to the feeling of encirclement.

And one thing's for sure. No-one really has the faintest idea what IS going to happen when the votes are counted after today's polls. "I have never seen anything like this in my life," said one deeply worried Member.

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