Monday, 11 January 2010

Ferrets in a sack

If you ever doubted that it's governments who lose elections, may I present in evidence the events of last week? Just as the Conservatives are getting into a spot of bother over their policy on marriage after their New Year pre-election launch, a coup attempt against the Prime Minister by two former Cabinet ministers hits the headlines, and Hey Presto Labour have started the year just exactly as their opponents would hope, fighting each other like ferrets in a sack.

By the way, I don't go along with all this Dumb & Dumber stuff about Hoon and Hewitt. Senior Parliamentarians of their type - ie publicly very loyal - just don't launch a coup attempt against a sitting Prime Minister unless they are (a) desperate to see something happen and (b) believe that they have some backing. Their actions just highlight the profound malaise within. Cameron can certainly breathe a sigh of relief. Labour let him off the hook.

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